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Cleveland Animal Protective League - 2018 Campaign

During my time at the Sweeney marketing agency, I worked heavily on projects for the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Of my work for the Cleveland APL, I took part in designing for 3 separate yearly advertising campaigns. Each campaign involved video shoots, billboard, wall scape and sidewalk kiosk designs, along with some additional collateral. Below are pieces I designed for the campaign, LOVE My Cleveland APL from 2018. 


During this process, we organized multiple pitch meetings with the client in order to narrow down a final concept. In order to best reach our audience of the Cleveland population, we decided that the message should honor those engaged with the APL through volunteering, fostering, donations, and adopting. Through multiple photoshoots with renowned local photographer Greg Murray, we captured pet owners and their adopted pets, focusing on the human and animal bond. Combined with custom LOVE My Cleveland APL artwork, we reached individuals across Cuyahoga County, increasing awareness that lead to increased adoptions.

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