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The Centers Food Strategy and Mobile Pantry

One of my final projects with The Centers for Families and Children is to develop a system of highlighting their growing Food Strategy Plan. The ultimate goal is to stretch similar designs and imagery across multiple food-related initiatives across The Centers’ main program areas. Currently, this project is still growing in applications, but has already made its partial debut during The Centers’ 2017 Mobile Pantries.

Initially, the design process for the Food Strategy Plan formed through the interest in creating collateral for Early Learning lesson programs that encourage the exploration of healthy eating habits among our youngest clients. With this knowledge, I illustrated a set of colorful food icons. One in-progress application of these icons is a set of large window panels.


My food icons were applied as part of my design for The Centers’ 2017 Mobile Pantry schedule. Every year, at many of The Centers Sites, the nonprofit receives donations of fresh produce to provide to the Cleveland community. These events are organized throughout the summer, where I have worked both as a photographer and volunteer, handing out produce to people in-need.

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