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Penn State IT Communications Graphic Design Internship

During the summer of 2014 I worked as a Graphic Design Intern at Penn State IT Communications, assisting at the creative director and designer with a wide variety of projects utilizing the Penn State and Penn State IT’s brand guidelines. I completed projects including designs for web pages, brochures, posters, signage, awards, and other collateral related to promotional and marketing campaigns. In addition, this internship exposed me to large-scale printing techniques of banners, posters, and table runners, uses of social media to promote an organization, journalistic and photographic off-site assignments, and conversations between designer and printers from proofing to final print production.

IT Comm Core Guiding Principles Poster Set 


I attended a weeklong staff retreat in which the IT Communcations Staff worked to set goals, identify their values, and discuss where they were headed in their professional development and pursuits. After helping develop and edit copy through a series of team building exercises and discussions, I was tasked with creating a set of posters so that the IT Communications staff could have their Core Guiding Principles displayed in the workspace. This set of four prints can be displayed in a block or separated. The orange couch is an important symbol to Penn State IT Communications. During interviews with members of the Penn State community for technology journalism, the orange couch serves as both an interview spot and a set piece for photoshoots.

ITLC and ITSCollab Meeting and Event Banners

IT Matters Speaker Event and Annual IT Picnic Banners

IT Connects Table Runner


This Squirrel - Technology Safety Awareness Postcard

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