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The Centers for Families 
and Children 
Additional Assets and Projects

At The Centers for Families and Children, I created many assets and resources for future designs. These included many icons and illustrations.


The Centers Strategic Plan Icons

The Centers Intranet Department Icons

CEO Notecards

Cleveland Skyline Illustration

A small bit of illustration that I provided for The Centers was a simplified Cleveland skyline. As an early project, this marked my homecoming to Cleveland after being away for many years.

Mission, Vision, Values Sign - Strategic Plan


The Centers for Families and Children Strategic Plan highlighted the many initiatives and goals set to  be completed before the year 2020. An important aspect of this plan was to emphasize the mission, vision, and values of the organization and its employees both internally and externally. I designed a pair of acrylic signs that showcase these driving factors. These signs were installed at all of our locations in both large and small sizes.

Map Marker Icon used for Staff Retreat Event


The Centers Earth Day Graphic

The Centers Early Learning Carnivals Illustration

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