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ZOELI Branding

ZOELI (zō-ē-lee) is a gear and apparel brand created by internationally recognized figure skater, coach and fashion designer Crystal Sinabaldi. Headquartered out of Raleigh, NC, ZOELI states that it is, “dedicated to a global customer base of female consumers seeking a unique line of gear and apparel – creations that are fashionably functional, unapologetically durable, target-specific and 100% vegan.”


I developed the brand’s logo, typography, style guide and first product line branding. Named after the fashion designer’s daughter, we sought to incorporate the initials, Z and L prominently in an emblem that embraces motion while retaining a refined elegance. 


The first product line, Chamonix France 1924 is an homage to the women who participated in the first Winter Olympics located in Chamonix, France. As the introductory product line, we intentionally developed a system closely tied to the company logo and brand. Within this line, we developed patch and tag designs that were featured on these gorgeous designer bags.

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